Oxford meeting information

16-18 March 2016, University of Oxford
Location: AOPP (directions here)
See below for participant list and schedule.

Hugh Baker, Oxford
Laura Ciasto, University of Bergen
Nick Dunstone, Met Office
Ben Harvey, Reading
Paul Hezel, University of Bergen
Joe Lacasce, University of Oslo
Robert Lee, Reading
Camille Li, University of Bergen
Erica Madonna, University of Bergen
Cheikh Mbengue, Oxford
Aleksi Nummelin, University of Bergen
Chris O’Reilly, Oxford
Albert Osso, Reading
Tess Parker, Oxford
Regina Rodrigues, Oxford
Clemens Spensberger, University of Bergen
Justin Wettstein, Oregon State University
Tim Woollings, Oxford


For anyone wanting to join the ocean group meeting, meet at the Pitt Rivers Museum entrance on Parks Road at 11:50. Otherwise, we start with lunch at 13:00 in AOPP. The group meeting runs 12:00-13:00 with two short presentations, including…
– Aleksi: On the meridional structure of the ocean energy budget in a warming world

*** Lunch ***
14:00 – Justin: Observed patterns of wintertime storm track variability and their relationship to the jet (or vice versa…)
15:00 – Camille: Overview of jetSTREAM
15:20 – Tim: Overview of SummerTIME
*** Coffee ***
16:00 – Clemens: Jet stream case study 2013/14 winter
16:30 – Robert: Summer jet latitude
17:00 – Erica: Jet variability in three dimensions
*** End ***
19:00 – Dinner at Door74


09:45 – Hugh: Jet speed versus position
10:00 – Chris: Dynamics vs Thermodynamics related to AMO
10:30 – Tess: NAO predictability
10:45 – Nick: More NAO predictability
*** Coffee ***
11:00 – interaction time or AOPP seminar
*** Lunch ***
*** Campus walking tour ***
15:00 – Laura: Upper/lower level storm track response to GHG
14:30 – Paul: Ice sheet topography and glacial jets
15:00 – Cheikh: Summer storm tracks, Hadley cell etc
15:30 – Ben: Sources of model spread in storm track response
16:00 – Albert: TBA
16:30 – Regina: TBA
*** End ***
Rose and Crown pub on North Parade Ave
19:30 – Dinner at Jee Saheb


09:00 – interaction time
11:00 – Joe: The vertical structure of ocean currents
*** Lunch ***
14:00 – Bodleian Library visit