jetSTREAM – Atmospheric jet variability: linking STRucture, Evolution And Mechanisms

Jet streams are a key feature of the global scale wind systems that shape Earth’s climate.  The low-frequency variability of jet streams reflects shifting weather patterns and regimes. Understanding jet variability is thus essential for understanding year-to-year variations in regional climate and weather extremes, and projecting how these will change in a warming world.

The jetSTREAM project aims to identify the dynamical origins of jet variability by bridging the gap between existing theoretical and statistical (observational) views of the extratropical atmospheric circulation.

jetSTREAM (2014-2018) is coordinated by the Geophysical Institute and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research at the University of Bergen. It is funded by the Research Council of Norway (project number RCN 231716) under the FRIPRO Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology (FRINATEK) Independent Projects scheme.