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Meeting report: Autumn retreat

29-31 October 2018, Bekkjarvik, Norway
By Stina Olandersson and Peter Siew
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A group of scientists from the large-scale dynamics group had an autumn retreat in Bekkjarvik, Norway 29-31 October. Apart from the folks in Bergen, some guests were invited to participate, including David Battisti (University of Washington), Justin Wettstein (Oregon State University), Tim Woollings (University of Oxford) and William Roberts (Northumbria university). The aim of this workshop was to explore how the weather and climate interact in midlatitudes, and their combined role in setting the midlatitude circulation of the Northern Hemisphere. Continue reading

Meeting report: Oxford

16-18 March 2016, University of Oxford
By Erica Madonna

On the roof of AOPP (J. LaCasce)

The Norwegian jetSTREAM (Atmospheric jet variability: linking STRucture, Evolution And Mechanisms) crew met for a three days’ workshop in Oxford March 16-18. The aim of the meeting was to exchange knowledge and ideas with people working on the SummerTIME (Summer: Testing Influences and Mechanisms for Europe) project, led by Tim Woollings and based at the University of Oxford, whose motivating scientific questions are closely related to jetSTREAM.
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Meeting report: SPARC Workshop on Storm Tracks

24-28 August 2015, Grindelwald, Switzerland
By Laura Ciasto and Paul Hezel

Lunch break discussions under a not so terrible view (C. Li)

Lunch break discussions under a not so terrible view (C. Li)

In week 35, a group of jetSTREAM scientists converged in Grindelwald, Switzerland for the SPARC Workshop on Storm Tracks (SPARC: Stratosphere-troposphere processes and their role in climate, a program of the WCRP (World Climate Research Program)). Co-organized by Camille Li, the workshop brought together a wide range of experts in the field of storm track and jet variability. The workshop goal was to shed light on questions such as “What controls the position, strength, and variability of a storm track?” The project team was well represented in this endeavour with presentations on how jets and storm tracks are influenced by internal atmospheric processes (Thomas Spengler, Clemens Spensberger, Justin Wettstein) as well as external forcing (Laura Ciasto, Paul Hezel, Joe LaCasce, Tim Woollings). See the Presentations page for details. Continue reading

Kickoff meeting

3-4 November 2014, GFI, Bergen

Brainstorming over dinner

Monday (GFI Ø321)
12:15 Lunch at GFI
  – Camille: Introduction, objectives, research components
  – Tim: North Atlantic jet variability
  – Justin: Task B – observed jet variability and 3D teleconnection patterns
  – Thomas (+ Stefan K in spirit): Task A – recipes for jet variability from idealized modelling experiments
  – Wil: examples of interactive visualization techniques for exploring complex objects/datasets
19:00 Dinner at 1877

Tuesday (GFI Ø321)
  – Clemens: jet axis view of jet variability
  – Joe: storm track – SST relationships
12:00 Lunch at Hanne på Høyden
  – Laura: remote vs local storm track – SST relationships
  – a brief word on tools and planned experiments: Clemens – Bedymo, Paul – CAM5 experiments, Stefan S (TBC)
  – Camille: synergy and wrap-up